About Me

A Brief Biography

Hello, my name is Alex Drossos. I was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada by first generation Canadian parents who came from Athens, Greece. I have one brother. I now live in Brooklyn, New York with my wonderful partner, Kara, and maintain a residence back home in Canada. In addition to Canada and the USA, I have also lived in Greece, the UK and Grenada.

I am the kind of person that likes a lot of different things and likes to be involved in a lot of different things all at once. I am currently a medical student at St. George's University and I am also pursuing a part-time MEd degree at OISE of the University of Toronto in Health Professions Education.

My previous work experience is in health services administration, focusing on Health Informatics, which is sometimes called eHealth. I have a great passion and desire for volunteerism, for human rights and for world peace. I also have interests in Global Medicine, Aboriginal Health, Public Health/Prevention and Integrative Medicine.

In terms of education I am a strong supporter of life-long learning. I'm sometimes told that I've taken this to extremes, with degrees in Computer Engineering, Biology and an MBA in Health Services Administration, in addition to my current studies. After completing medical school I hope to go on to study Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

On the side, I enjoy spending time with friends, participating in sports and recreational activities, "playing" with high-end technology and in general living a healthy lifestyle.

My Personal Mission Statement

By way of my passion and commitment to everything I do, I inspire others with my hope and optimism of making this world a better place for everyone and everything.

My Personal Values

My Personal Vision Statement

My love for family and friends, and our health and wellness, will always be my top priorities. I will achieve a balance in life, I will learn from my mistakes and I will consistently put great effort into everything I do and will be passionate about it.